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The Insider's Guide to Premium Business Shirts Online


Blokes generally hate shopping for clothes – but it makes things even worse when you are (a) paying over the odds and (b) the service you experience is below par.

Let's be clear - there is no absolutely no reason for accepting below par service.  Take a trip to Japan and you will experience the level of service that every customer around the world should receive – service at your beck and call and delivered with absolute class and politeness.

So what's in it for the blokes? Well the current internet shopping boom has resulted in a proliferation of competitors - particularly in the men's business shirts space (which is great news for us blokes). When it comes to men's premium business shirts, us blokes now have an abundance of choice – both online and at the bricks and mortar retailers.

When the time comes to get the work wardrobe up to scratch, there are some key tips that blokes should keep in mind when purchasing a premium men's business shirt. Here are some pertinent tips you should keep in mind:

  • choose a 100% cotton business shirt. You will have to iron it, but it drapes over your body much better than a polyester blend and doesn't contain ugly chemicals which may cause skin irritations.
  • choose a business shirt that makes you stand out in subtle way, without being overly too loud - it projects style and class.
  • French cuff business shirts are superior to button cuff business shirts - there are some stylish French cuffs out there. Check out Tateossian if you are interested!
  • if you’ve never purchased business shirts online before, use a website that doesn’t require a minimum spend and make sure your payment is secure on the website you are transacting through
  • if you are purchasing online, check the production description carefully and zoom into the picture online.


Need more information? Just ask! If you are at a retailer don't be afraid to ask questions - it is their job to answer your questions! If you are shopping online, many online shops have great customer service assistance so again, dont be afraid to use it!

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