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Are you off on business again?

Another busy day at work! You have come home late and you have to fly off for that important business trip first thing tomorrow. But all is well, because you packed your checked luggage and carry-on bag for the trip last night…

But, alas no!

As you know, reality and the perfect world are generally speaking, like chalk and cheese, and in the world of reality, you are never organised (unless you are someone who has OCD tendencies!). As a consequence, packing for the business trip generally leads to the inevitable overpacking (to over-compensate on the fact that you haven't thought about what to bring) and more often than not forgetting to pack that crucial item (which usually is the phone charger!).

How do you get around this perennial issue?

There is no simple solution to this problem (apart from taking on OCD tendencies). Depending on where you are going, will obviously drive what you need to bring to wear for that business trip. But at Poplin & Panache, we (think) this checklist below will get you on your way and capture most of the key items you need for your next business trip!

Simply select the table and print it out! If there is something missing, send us an email ( so we can make it a more complete document for other business travellers!





Bring a black or dark navy suit and pack in a garment bag so it doesn't wrinkle.


Business shirt

One for each day you are away and it goes without saying that you should have at least one Poplin & Panache ( business shirt in your wardrobe!



One set to match all your shirts, something simple but elegant.


Tie to match business shirts

A couple of ties that match the business shirts that you have packed.


Black socks

A pair for each day you are away.


Best pair of jeans

Your best pair of jeans can be dressed up and down depending on the occasion.



One pair should do the trick.



One for each day you are away.


Collared dress shirt

One for every two days you are away.



A multi-jurisdictional adaptor is a must have if you are going overseas.


Plastic bag

A couple of plastic bags for your dirty washing.



One for each day you are away plus one!


Sport socks

Bring a couple of pairs, just in case you feel like gymming!


Running shoes

One pair should do the trick.



The shaver and toothbrush are the key items here.


Thongs (as in flip-flops)

Never leave without them.


Casual blazer

Pick a blazer than can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.



Check out for designer sunglasses!


iPad or tablet and charger

A must have on the plane. Don’t forget the charger!


Laptop and charger

Don’t forget the charger!


Phone charger

You may need to ask the hotel if you forget.


Noise-cancelling headphones

These are an absolute must whilst your on the plane. Stick to a Bose or Sennheiser noise cancelling set!


Pocket Tissues

They always come in handy!


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