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Are you applying for a "top tier" law firm clerkship or "Big 4" accounting firm clerkship?


In addition to providing high-quality business shirts to our valued customers, the team at Poplin & Panache are excited to give our university student customers something special - something our competitors can't do - access to the Poplin & Panache Advisory Panel.

What is the Poplin & Panache Advisory Panel?

Poplin & Panache has engaged current lawyers and accountants in "top tier" law firms, "Big 4" accounting firms and other corporates across Australia to give our university student customers some handy career advice when making the transition from being a university student to clerkship participant to an accountant or lawyer.

What career advice questions can I ask the Poplin & Panache Advisory Panel?

Anything you want. However, the P&P Advisory Panel member reserves the right to not answer a particular question.

How long does the conversation go for?

You can pepper our P&P Advisory Panel member with questions for up to 15 minutes.

How do you access the Poplin & Panache Advisory Panel?

Simply purchase $100 or more in one transaction and one of the Poplin & Panache and the team at Poplin & Panache will contact you to arrange a time for one of our Poplin & Panache Advisory Panel members to contact you.

What do you do next?

When placing your order, make sure you mention in the special comments box that you want to speak to one of the P&P Advisory Panel members and specify your chosen occupation.

Terms and Conditions?

Poplin & Panache does not warrant to that a P&P Advisory Panel member will be able to give you advice before a particular deadline.

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