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Turning men's business fashion on its head!

Poplin & Panache offer new season mens business shirts which are unique in style and made using high-quality materials and workmanship.

How are we turning men's business fashion on its head?  

Price point – You don't need to spend $175 to $200 to get a high-quality men's business shirt anymore – you can get one for under $130. That's right, you can buy high-quality men's business shirts at this kind of price point for as long as the AUD stays in touch with the USD. If you already go with a brand that fits you well you should stick with it. Similarly, if you are happy paying over the odds there is absolutely no need to read further.

Why do we price our high-quality business shirts under the $130 mark?

You are probably thinking why would a business slash their profit margins without an ulterior motive? It seems counterintuitive right? These are some of the reasons:

  • our main priority is not about the bottom line. Check out our Giving page to see what we get up to!
  • we want to improve men's business fashion in Australia. We were one of the first movers in stocking new products like our knitted square-end ties. By reducing our prices and introducing new fashion products, each and every retailer has to improve the service they provide to their customers. This means that everyone has to improve their game which means great news for the customer – you!


Should you buy a business shirt from Poplin & Panache?

We believe we have a high-quality business shirt that is better than a number of our competitors – sold at a lower price for the reasons set out above.

Tips on men's business shirts

At Poplin & Panache, we are here to help you by informing you about men's fashion (even if you never buy anything from us). When it comes to men's business fashion we know what we are talking about. Here are some tips in relation to men's business shirts:

  • whenever possible, choose 100% cotton. You will have to iron it, but it drapes over your body much better than a blend and doesn't contain ugly chemicals
  • thread count is important
  • if you’ve never purchased business shirts online before, use a website that doesn’t require a minimum spend
  • purchase a business shirt that makes you stand out in subtle way, without being overly too loud
  • French cuff business shirts are more stylish than button cuff business shirts - your cuffs give you the ability to show your individuality
  • care for your business shirt


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