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Premium men's business shirts - do you have one?


For clothes you spend the majority of your time wearing, most guys I know, don’t invest much time in picking out their work wardrobe and in particular, their business shirts. This got me thinking about what makes a guy's work wardrobe work? Given that guys (particularly those with other halves) have limited wardrobe space, it’s important to have a wardrobe that has all the basics and a few premium business shirts which reflect your personality.

A plain white men's business shirt is a must-have! It will match anything and can be worn in the office, for job interviews and can easily transition into formalwear.Classic White Shirt: Styled with Hermes Tie, Louis Vuitton Black Leather BeltClassic White Shirt: Styled with Hermes Tie, Louis Vuitton Black Leather Belt

Once the white business shirt has been picked, a solid light blue business shirt is your next best bet (or in sporting parlance – your vice-captain of the wardrobe). Why blue? Because it is a versatile colour that is easy to match with red, pink and blue ties.

Once you’ve got the solid colours down pat, you can incorporate some patterned business shirts into your rotation. Stripes and checks are a fantastic option, and are great with a tie or without a tie. A solid tie goes best with stripes and checks.

Even collars should be considered when choosing a business shirt. As a general rule, men with larger neck sizes suit wider-spread collars such as your cutaway collars. If you have a thin neck, narrow collars and button down collars are best for you.

When knotting your tie, large tie knots such as the Double Windsor knot are best for wide spread collars which will fill the gap between the collars. Just make sure your knot sits between the collars and not under it. If your knot sits under your tie it will push up your collars.

Navy Blue Check: Styled with Poplin & Panache Knitted Square-End TieNavy Blue Check: Styled with Poplin & Panache Knitted Square-End Tie

So next time you’re getting dressed for work, have a look at what’s in your wardrobe and consider whether you have enough premium men's business shirts!

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