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Congratulations, you have the job! Dress for success!


Congratulations, you have the job!

This seminal phrase conjures up emotions of joy and excitement! When it is your first job, it is a special occasion and represents your first foray towards a burgeoning career in the profession you have chosen.

Regardless, of whether it is your first job or a new job, it is important to ensure you get off to a great start. This starts from the men's business shirt what you wear to the ties, shoes and suits that you have in your wardrobe.

At Poplin & Panache we have some key tips to follow to help dress you for success!

Things to DO:

ensure that you have high-quality business shirts in block colours

you should have at least four suits in the following colours (slim is in vogue) - black, grey, charcoal and navy blue

show a subtle touch of sartorial independence

always dress slightly more formally than your clients, but don't go overboard. For example, if you are visiting a mining client who wears a polo shirt, wearing a suit and tie is probably going overboard

always dress less affluently than your client

at work you should dress "horses for courses" (don’t overdress in comparison to your colleagues)

keep a spare tie in the office

Although, the double breasted suit has been a feature of this year's Fall/Winter 2012 collections, it will probably be a year or two before the double breasted suit becomes a feature in everyday corporate menswear.

Things NOT to do:

avoid flashy belt buckles take the focus away from your stylish ensemble

leave the bow tie to "black tie" events

avoid the double-breasted suit for a couple of seasons

avoid becoming "The Fashionable Guy", but be fashionable. It is important that perception of your technical skills is not overshadowed by your dress sense
avoid bulky suits and pants that are not tailored to your shape

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