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Starch, iron and shirt

Starch, iron and shirt – terms when used togehter, are not synonymous to the average Joe (particularly, the word, starch). But apart from being used as a thickener for soups, starch can be a tool that can get rid of creases on your business shirts.

So if you aren't lucky enough to have a mum or future wife to undertake starching duties, then read on!

So what do you need …

  • a spray can of starch; and
  • iron (preferably a steam iron).


So what are the steps… Well there are only two steps:

  • starch the Shirt, standing about a foot away from the Shirt and spray
  • iron the Shirt after starching the shirt.  



End of story? Not quite. It is important to ensure that you starch and iron your shirt in a particular order to obtain the best results. Start with the:

  • Collar – starch from left to right and then iron from left to right with the same pressure.
  • Body – starting from the left front panel, starch and iron. Move on to the back and repeat the process finishing off with the right front panel. Make sure the portion of the Shirt that isn't being ironed is hanging off the ironing board to keep creasing down to a minimum. Ensure that your shirt is starch-free and dry.
  • Sleeves and cuffs – make sure to line up the seams with your Shirt facing up. The sleeve should be flattened down making sure that the fabric falls neatly. Spray on the starch and iron.
  • Shoulders – finally, lay the shoulder of the Shirt flat at the smaller end of the ironing board. Spray the starch and iron the creases out. An important final step that shouldn't be underestimated.


How often should you starch?

Starching should only be necessary for those business shirts that have developed serious creases. Otherwise, using a steam iron should get rid of the creases.

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