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Knitted Square-End Ties II

Poplin & Panache traversed the streets of Ginza, Japan to find out some of the fashion trends for 2012. As mentioned in a previous article, the knitted square-end tie is a men's fashion trend that is back in a big way.

Who am I?

I was born in the 1980's and made of materials such as wool, cotton and silk. I look overtly different to traditional neck ties - in fact I look like a sock!. I am...

The knitted square-end tie!

How to wear a knitted square-end tie?

If worn to work, the knitted square-end tie should be tied as a Windsor Knot (or half-Windsor Knot) and the length of the tie should end just above the top of your belt. The knitted square-end tie can be flexibly worn with a classic collar or a cutaway collar. With a width of 6 cm it measures comparably with your traditional neck ties.

Why should you wear one?

If you are looking to display some individualism in the workplace, the knitted square-end tie is an accessory that will be stylish and provide your business outfit with subtle texture and depth.

What occasions can you wear the knitted square-end tie?

A number of customers have worn Poplin & Panache's knitted square-end ties as part of their wedding party attire as well as everyday business attire.


If well looked after, Poplin & Panache's square-end ties are an asset to your tie wardrobe. It is made out of quality cotton and its strong knit makes its extremely durable.

Where can you get one?

If you want to get your hands on a knitted square-end tie, look no further than Poplin & Panache. Poplin & Panache stocks a variety of knitted square-end ties which are suitable for formal occasions as well as casual occasions. As with everything at Poplin & Panache – it is quality and it sells for under $100.


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