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Are you a Washing Machine Technician?

No - we aren't talking about a washing machine repair technician – we are a talking about a Washing Machine Technician.

A Washing Machine Technician (hereafter referred to as a "WMT") is defined by Poplin & Panache as someone who can use more than one cycle of the washing machine (apart from Normal/[insert identical function name here]), knows how to put clothes into the washing machine (in other words, has the ability to determine which clothes to separate for washing) and has the ability to bleach clothes in the washing machine (just to name a few).

If you are a WMT, you are not required to read on.

If you are someone who has a WMT you also don't read on. Grab a beer this Friday because you my friend are close to nirvana (if you have someone who does the ironing too, you have obtained nirvana).

Everyone else – read on!

For the rest of us, you don't have to be a WMT – we can stay blissfully unaware about the intricacies involved. However, with the spectre of economic doom and gloom upon us through the advent of another GFC, taking care of your clothes is important to give longevity.

Business shirts are a little bit more important than your other clothes in your wardrobe. Why? During a typical working week, you wear it 70% of the time, so it is important to ensure that you look after these workhorses.

Purchasing high-quality business shirts assists in longevity. Nonetheless, taking care of your business shirts is important.

So what can you do to give longevity to your business shirts? Here are Poplin & Panache's three tips:

1. Separate your colours from your whites before you wash. Dark coloured clothes often have lint on them when washed with lighter coloured clothes and have a tendency to bleed

2. Wash soft and rough clothes separately from each other (eg keep the jeans away from the business shirts)

3. Use cold water to wash your business shirts

Following these tips won't make you a WMT but they will assist in providing longevity to your business shirts.

Failing that, find a WMT!

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