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Have you shined your shoes?

If you have personally shined your shoes, less than the number of fingers on ONE hand read on!

I take my shoes for granted - never giving it enough TLC that it deserves. I only ever make sure that are no obvious pieces of dirt on my shoes!

But the Shoe, needs more TLC than that!

Taking the time to polish your shoes is important and can extend the life – saving you dollars and prolonging the inevitable day when you have to replace the Shoe.

If you aren't lucky enough to have a mum or future wife to undertake shoe shining duties, then this article will be handy!

So what do you need …

  • The Shoe polish (a wax based shoe polish is preferable)
  • Old newspapers to work on
  • A brush
  • A piece of cloth (for wiping down the Shoe)
  • A piece of cloth (for shining)
  • Paper towels

So what are the next steps…

Clean the Shoe

Undo the laces and wipe them down with a cloth. Wipe down the Shoe with some paper towels and let sit for a minute (until there is no more moisture on the Shoe). Do not apply any shoe polish while your shoes are still wet!

The Shoe Polish

If the Shoe is black – apply black polish. It becomes a little trickier when browns are involved. If you are applying polish to a non-black shoe, make sure you test it on a part of the shoe like the in-step.

Apply the Shoe Polish

Plonk the brush into the Shoe Polish canister. If the Shoe Polish is a little hard you may have to dig in a bit to get some on to the tips of the brush.

Next, place your hand inside the shoe to get a firm grip (use your right hand if you are a lefthander and vice-versa) and apply the Shoe Polish to the Shoe in smooth, small, round motions. If the Shoe has scuff marks, give that area a little more TLC.

Grab the piece of cloth…

Grab the piece of cloth and move it all over the surface of the Shoe. Use both smaller circular strokes and longer strokes. Repeat until you start to see the lustre of the Shoe shine through.

How often should you shine?

If you have the time – shining your shoes once a week is nirvana! Practically though, getting to the Shoe once a month will be enough TLC to keep the Shoe happy, but only just!

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