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What to look for in a suit?


No, this is not a review about the hot new series, "Suits", starring Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams and Rick Hoffman. That said, you should still watch it though - love Harvey and Mike!

This is a review about men's business suits. The suit is synonymous with success and is an integral piece of your businesswear attire.  Just like knowing someone's name and pronouncing it right, a suit has to fit perfectly, otherwise you may as well go without one.

 © 2012 Yannis Vlamos /© 2012 Yannis Vlamos /

At Poplin & Panache we have some brief do's and don'ts about the Suit and the rest of your sartorial ensemble.


  • have at least four suits in the following colours (slim fit continues to be in vogue):
    • Black
    • Grey
    • Charcoal
    • Navy blue
  • Spend time getting the cut and fit absolutely perfect, because it will go a long way in bringing out your best aesthetic attributes. The chest and shoulders need to be perfect and you should get yourself to a tailor to get that right!
  • Find two brands of suits that fit your physique. Guys, just like girls, have different body types. Just like some business shirts fit better on some, but not on others, we recommend spending time
  • Button up the suit when you are standing, except the bottom button which is always left undone (unless it is a one-buttoned suit) and is undone when you are seated.
  • Make sure your business shirts fits well. Remember,  high-quality business shirts are made from pure cotton. The shirt cuff may be a French cuff (worn with cufflinks) or a buttoned cuff. The sleeve length of a suit jacket should just cover the wrist bone so that the shirt cuff is visible just past the jacket sleeve. I'm obviously biased, but Poplin & Panache business shirts are the way to go.
  • Less with the belt. Ensure it matches the colour and material of your shoes. Enough said.
  • Wear good shoes. Many people judge a man’s character and standing by his shoes. They should be of high quality and meticulously polished and maintain them. We (just like you) are still looking for shoes that will look good and go the distance, so let us know if you know of any!
  • Wear socks that have are the same shade or darker than the suit.
  • Wear a tie, if the situation permits, but be careful of what you choose. P.S if you know any good retailers,  please let us know

 © 2012 Yannis Vlamos /© 2012 Yannis Vlamos /


  • Forget to cut the manufacturer's tags off the sleeves of your suit.
  • Have shoulder pads inserted.
  • Walk to work in sports shoes - go to the cobbler and put rubber soles on to your shoes
  • Wear sports sunglasses. Spend a bit of money to get a good pair. And if you can, make sure you get prescription lenses (if it is possible). Remember it is all about cost per use.

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