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The team at Poplin & Panache is committed to providing you with unbiased life and style advice that reflects what the men of today are wearing. The Poplin & Panache columnits are passionate about all things fashion and can provide you with valuable insight into current trends in men's business fashion attire (including men's business shirts), men's casual attire, accessories and lifestyle tips.

Suits - Style, fit and colour

(c) 2012 Stefan Gosatti(c) 2012 Stefan Gosatti 

The phrase "double whammy" is thrown around a bit these days; well, maybe not, but in any case, I experienced the quintessential double whammy the other week when the seam of my suit trousers finally raised the white flag and capitulated!  What was once the area protected by the seamless stitching sewn by Mr Ermenegildo Zegna himself (as the price would suggest) had quickly become nothing but a pale streak for all to mock, leaving me to wallow in my own shame.

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